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Use the search tool to find contact information for faculty and staff. Search by keyword, department or last name. If you require any assistance, you may also call 336-342-4261 and dial “0” to reach the operator.

Academic Advising

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Tutoring Center

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2173
Email: arc@rockinghamcc.edu


Albright, Richard

TRIO Student Support Services, Academic and Career Counselor

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2818
Email: albrightr5414@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., B.A., North Carolina A&T State University

Allis, Celeste

Dean, Arts and Sciences/Professor, Mathematics

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2160
Email: allisc@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., University of South Carolina-Columbia
B.S., University of South Carolina-Aiken

Altizer, Jennifer

Assistant Director, Facilities

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2167
Email: altizerj6226@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Archer, Betty

Faculty, Medical Office Administration/Medical Office Administration & Office Administration Program Coordinator Faculty

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2183
Email: archerb0680@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Piedmont Community College

Astuto, Karen

Program Coordinator, RISE Associate Professor, Mathematics

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2236
Email: astutok@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., University of Northern Colorado
B.A., UNC-Greensboro

Athletics & Student Life

Ayers, John

Faculty, Agribusiness Technology/Agribusiness Technology Program Coordinator Faculty

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2132
Email: ayersj3282@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Baird, Caroline

Associate Professor, Nursing

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2169
Email: bairdc@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S.N., University of Virginia
B.S.N., UNC-Greensboro
A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Baker, Alana

Assistant Professor, English

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2363
Email: bakera1646@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: Ph.D., East Carolina University
M.A., B.A., UNC-Greensboro

Baum, Kenneth

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2221
Email: baumk@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., UNC-Greensboro
B.A., North Carolina State University

Bayer, Daniel

Faculty, Communication

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2193
Email: bayerd9164@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., B.A., UNC-Greensboro
A.A.S., Randolph Community College

Blackwell, Shannon


Blalock, Grace

Career Coach

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2216
Email: blalockg9002@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.A., North Carolina State University


Boothe-Wilson, Pamela

Purchasing Officer/Equipment Coordinator

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2199
Email: boothep1884@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.S.B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill

Bouldin, Corry

Director, Academic Advising

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2100
Email: bouldinc@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.B.A., Liberty University
B.S., Strayer University
A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Bowman, Aaron

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2796
Email: bowmana5561@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., East Carolina University
B.A., Wake Forest University


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