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Important Policies and Procedures for Students

Student Rights and Responsibilities

A person’s submission of an application for admission to Rockingham Community College represents a voluntary
decision by that person to participate in the programs offered by the college according to the policies, procedures, and
regulations set forth by the college. The college’s acceptance of the application for admission is seen as the college’s
extension to the applicant of the privilege of joining the college community and of remaining a part of it as long as the
established standards for academic performance and conduct are met.

Students who enroll at Rockingham Community College accept the college’s policies and procedures,
acknowledge the rights and responsibilities that are afforded to students, and also acknowledge that the college has
the right to take action when a student is found responsible for unacceptable conduct. For this reason, students are
responsible for becoming familiar with the college’s policies and procedures.

Rockingham Community College respects the dignity of each individual member of the college community.
The college recognizes certain rights and responsibilities as integral to achieving opportunities for intellectual, social,
cultural, and personal growth, as well as for the health and safety of all persons within the college community.
Students have the following rights, and the privilege of exercising those rights, without fear or prejudice, in respect of
state and federal laws and regulations, college policies, and the rights of others on campus. The college is committed
to creating an atmosphere in which students have the following rights (which include, but are not limited to):

  • the opportunity to pursue higher education;
  • the right to have access to high quality education, which includes, but is not limited to, competent instruction in courses and programs; access to relevant support services that promote student achievement; and the right to receive from each faculty member during the first week of classes a syllabus that outlines course requirements, attendance requirements, and the course grading system;
  • the right to fair and equal treatment, instruction, evaluation, and services by the faculty and staff;
  • freedom to exercise the rights of citizenship, association, inquiry, and expression that do not infringe on the rights of others;
  • a safe environment for learning and campus involvement;
  • appropriate privacy and confidentiality, particularly as afforded by the protections of FERPA and other policies where applicable;
  • procedural due process, as described in appropriate procedures, for submission of written grievances or complaints regarding academic and non-academic issues as described in those procedures, and the appeal of sanctions arising from disciplinary infractions.

As related to the rights outlined above, students are expected to assume the following responsibilities:

  • to be knowledgeable of and to comply with the directives, policies, regulations, and procedures established by the college;
  • to respect the dignity of each member of the college community;
  • to respect the rights of individuals and groups as long as those rights do not interfere with the parallel rights of others;
  • to be knowledgeable of and to comply with the directives, regulations, and laws of duly constituted civil authorities.

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