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Application Procedure

Welcome and thank you for choosing Rockingham Community College as a potential place of employment.

It is important that you provide complete and accurate information and documentation to be considered for a position.

Upon successful completion of your application, a system-generated confirmation will be sent to your email address. The system will also allow you to review the status of your application during the recruitment process and you may apply for new positions without re-entering unchanged information.

We wish you the very best in your employment search endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job at RCC?

1. Create a user account: You will need to create an applicant username and password. This will enable you to come back and apply for additional positions as well as check on the status of a position.

2. Create your online application.

What if I don’t have an email address?

A valid email address is required to submit your application. Providing an email address also ensures timely notification of your application status. If you do not have an email address, you can go to Gmail or Yahoo to create an email account.
To create a Gmail Account
To create a Yahoo Account

What are the transcript requirements?

Transcript Requirements
Photocopies or unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the application process ONLY. Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended will be required upon hire.
Unofficial Transcripts
Unofficial transcripts from all postsecondary institutions must be submitted with the application in order to be considered. Unofficial transcripts may be photocopies of official transcripts, transcripts stamped “Issued to Student” or addressed to the student, or printouts of coursework and degree information from an online portal.  Photocopies must be legible and include detailed coursework and degree completion dates if required.  Copies of college diplomas are not accepted.
Official Transcripts
Official transcripts for all postsecondary coursework and degrees (not limited to highest or most recent degree) will be required upon hire.
Transcripts must include detailed coursework and degree(s) awarded with their dates of completion if required.
Only coursework from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted.
Electronic official transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution are accepted.
Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Office of Human Resources.
Transcripts may not be hand-delivered by the applicant, even if sealed.
Please have official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended sent to:
Office of Human Resources                                                
Rockingham Community College                           
PO Box 38
Wentworth, NC  27375

Electronic Official Transcripts may be sent from the postsecondary institution to:
Joy Chappell, Director of Human Resources

We welcome and encourage Rockingham Community College alumni and former students to seek employment with the College. Please note, however, that any transcripts submitted to the Office of Admissions for transfer evaluation or transcripts for coursework completed at RCC are not available to the Office of Human Resources. Official college transcripts from RCC may be requested using the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Service for a $5 fee per transcript (an additional third-party processing fee applies for electronic PDF transcripts). The Records Office can only release Rockingham Community College transcripts; transcripts submitted for transfer evaluations from other institutions must be requested directly from those institutions and sent directly from those institutions to the Office of Human Resources at Rockingham Community College.

International Transcripts:
Applications which include a international transcript will not be considered complete, and therefore will not be reviewed, until a transcript evaluation is submitted. Please contact one of the following agencies for transcript evaluation: Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. PO Box 514070 Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470 USA (414)289-3400 Internet address: http://www.ece.org World Education Services PO Box 5087 Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10274-5087 (212) 966-6311 Internet address: http://www.wes.org The applicant is responsible for all fee’s associated with international transcript evaluation.

If you have questions about the transcripts requirements, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (336)342-4261, ext. 2212/2265

Do I have to complete an application if I submit a resume?

The application is mandatory.  Some positions may also require a letter of interest and resume.

How long does it take to fill out an application online?

Approximately 30-45 minutes. It depends on the detail the applicant provides in the application.

What if I have already created an application?

If you have already created an application within the RCC employment site, and wish to update your information, select the “Login” link and enter your existing username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to apply for positions, edit your information and review previous applications.

What if I forget my username and password?

Follow the “Password Retrieval” instructions on the employment site. Using the site, you will be able to reset either your password or username for immediate log-in.

How do I attach a document to my application? 

1. On the Supplemental Documents page, follow the link to add the correct document – for example, resume or cover letter. The upload page opens.
2. The system fills in a name for the document you are creating or adding from your computer. You can change this to a title that will make more sense to you – for example, “Resume for Admissions Counselor position”.
3. Add a short description if you expect to create several of this type of document. If the application allows or requires you to attach documents, it displays a list of the relevant documents that you have already uploaded, so you can reuse documents if they are suitable. You cannot delete documents. You can upload and attach documents in these formats:

  • Microsoft® Word® or similar word-processing (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .rtx)
  • PDF
  • Plain text, such as from Notepad (.txt)
  • Microsoft Excel® (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Graphics (.tiff, .tif, .jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .png)
  • Video (.flv, .mov)
  • The system cannot accept audio, PowerPoint, Visio, web pages, or bitmap (.bmp) files.

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