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Rockingham Community College is committed to providing a safe educational environment that contributes to student learning and encourages students to progress to their maximum potential. Campus safety and security services are provided to contribute to this environment.

Emergency Assistance

Day: 336-342-4261 ext. 2299 or 2326
Evening: 336-342-4261 ext. 2299

Campus Security officers are on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and may be reached directly by calling 336-342-4261, extension 2299. Red emergency telephones in the campus buildings will also connect the caller to a Campus Security officer. Outside, throughout the campus, there are emergency call boxes – readily distinguished and identified with a constantly-burning blue light – that will connect a caller to Campus Security. Campus Security officers patrol campus buildings, grounds, and parking lots. They normally wear a casual uniform and are readily identifiable. Upon request, officers will escort students, employees, and guests to their vehicles.

In addition, the campus is assisted by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department, which will respond to emergencies on campus or assist with investigations requested by the College. Known and suspected violations of federal and North Carolina laws and other emergency situations should be reported to the college’s Director of Campus Security or the Associate Vice President for Facilities & External Affairs.

Students and employees alike are urged to recognize the need to take steps to protect themselves from becoming the victim of a crime. Working together as a campus community is essential with regard to prevention. Park and walk in well-lit areas; avoid walking alone in the dark; lock your vehicle and place valuables in the trunk or out of sight; report suspicious activity to the Campus Security officers.

Campus Security often provides workshops or other educational events designed to inform students and/or employees of important safety and security issues, procedures, and resources.

Special Services

Campus Security (336-342-4261, extension 2299) may be able to assist you with vehicle jump-start (your vehicle has a dead battery)  situations. Be prepared to describe your vehicle (color, make, license plate number) and its location on campus.

Before assistance is provided, you will be required to sign an Authorization and Hold Harmless Agreement that waives liability to the College for any damage to your vehicle that may result from jump-starting your battery.

A Campus Security officer is also available if you desire an escort between your vehicle and a campus building. Simply call the number listed above.

Operating a Vehicle on Campus and Parking

Campus Speed Limit and Parking Areas 

The speed limit on campus is 15mph on all roads and 10mph in all parking lots. The College maintains five spacious paved parking lots on campus. Most spaces are marked for students and visitors. Certain spaces are located for faculty/staff. Some spaces are marked for visitors only. Students must not park in faculty/staff spaces or spaces marked for visitors only. Parking regulations are in effect during day and evening hours unless otherwise posted. Persons not abiding by parking regulations are subject to warnings and parking citations that incur a fine.

Visitor Parking 

Visitor parking is available in all five paved parking lots on campus. Visitors needing a temporary parking permit may obtain such from the Information Desk in the Student Center, the Administration Building receptionist, or from division administrative assistants in the various academic buildings.

Handicapped Parking Permits Parking in handicapped spaces requires the use of the official “handicapped/disabled” parking tag that is issued by the State, and which must be visible inside the vehicle when hanging from the interior read-view mirror. The ‘handicapped/disabled’ parking tag must be registered to the individual parking in a “disability access” parking space. Fines may be assessed to persons using ‘handicapped/disabled’ parking tags not registered to them for use in ‘disability access’ parking spaces.

Vehicle Registration 

All students, faculty and staff are required to register their motor vehicles. Students may register their vehicles at the Information Desk in Whitcomb Student Center and obtain parking stickers here upon presentation of a receipt for payment of tuition and fees. The parking sticker must be placed on the lower corner inside the windshield on the driver’s side. Temporary permits must be used whenever it is necessary to drive an unregistered vehicle on campus and may also be obtained at the Information Desk in the Student Center.

Towing of Vehicles 

Vehicles illegally parked in disability access spaces, on roadways/service roads, or in visitor and reserved spaces during normal operating hours Monday through Friday are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles registered to students that are parked in faculty/staff spaces are also subject to towing.

Parking Citations and Fines 

Parking citations will be issued for failure to comply with parking regulations. Fines in the amount of $5 are due for failure to display a parking sticker, parking sticker improperly displayed, parking in a prohibited area, unauthorized parking in served spaces, and utilizing two spaces for one vehicle. Parking illegally in a ‘disability access’ parking space carries a maximum fine of $250. This includes parking in a ‘disability access’ space with a tag registered to another person if the driver does not have a disability.

Payment of Parking Fines / Appeal of Fines 

Parking fines may be paid during normal business hours Monday through Friday at the Switchboard/receptionist desk in the Administration Building. If you feel that a parking citation was unjustly administered, you may appeal to the Associate Vice President for Facilities & External Affairs, whose office is located in the Administration building.

Consequences of Unpaid Fines 

When a parking fine is unpaid, this remains on your student account as an unpaid obligation. Until the fine is paid or overturned, you are unable to receive grades, register, or receive an official transcript.


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