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Rockingham Community College provides students with appropriate procedures for the resolution of written grievances or complaints regarding various academic and non-academic matters. These procedures are described below.

The Student Grievance Procedure

The Student Grievance Procedure is available to all students who seek to resolve various academic and non-academic written grievances or complaints against college employees or other students. It is hoped that students’ concerns can be resolved informally without use of the procedure. However, if resolution cannot be achieved informally and student seeks a formal resolution, the procedure requires that the student confirm the grievance or complaint in writing and that the appropriate procedure shall be followed.

Within the Student Grievance Procedure, there is a description of examples of the types of issues that would use either the Academic Grievance Procedure or the Non-Academic Grievance Procedure. These items are found in the RCC Catalog & Student Handbook. The form to use for filing either an academic or a non-academic grievance is located in Etrieve Central on the RCC website.

Click here to read the Student Grievance Procedure in the RCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

Grade Appeal Process

Students have the right to appeal a grade, whether from a single course event or assignment, or the final grade issued for the course.

Click here to read the Grade Appeal Process in the RCC Catalog and Student Handbook. The information describes the procedures for appeal of an individual course assignment grade, or appeal of a final course grade. The form to use for filing a grade appeal is located in Etrieve Central on the RCC website.

Section 504/ADA Grievance Procedure

Within the scope of its accessibility services designed to assist students with disabilities, RCC provides a procedure to allow for the prompt and equitable resolution of student complaints if they believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability, or believe that they have been denied access to services or accommodations for which they may be entitled.

Click here to read the Section 504/ADA Grievance Procedure found in the RCC Accessibility Services Handbook.

Title IX-Related Grievances

As stated in the college’s sexual harassment policy, student grievances are submitted through the college’s Student Grievance Procedure.

Click here to read the policy for Title-IX related (sexual harassment) grievances as found in the RCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

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