Woodworking – Fundamentals

PRC 7100

Learn the heritage art of woodworking at the introductory level. Course work includes discussion on history and trends, practice, and information to build and supply appropriate studios. Upon completion, participants will be prepared to either advance to a higher skill level or to fabricate and market their goods. Discussion is held at the beginning of class about what types of wood will work best for each student’s project and guidance is provided about obtaining wood. The quantity and purchase amount will vary per student and per project. The Center for Creative Woodworking (CCWW) has poplar wood for purchase. If students prefer wood other than poplar, it may be purchased elsewhere. Please call the instructor at 336-394-4718 for recommendations. Some students prefer to bring in wood from other sources. Neither Rockingham Community College staff nor the CCWW staff will cut down trees or retrieve fallen wood from private community members. Wood obtained from anywhere other than the CCWW must be inspected and approved by the instructor. Students must provide safety glasses and hearing protection. A $20 supply fee is included in the cost of this class to cover wear and tear on machinery and basic supplies (i.e. glue).

Classes are held at the Center for Construction Trades and Woodworking (CCTW) located at 333 South Scales Street in Reidsville. This is the former Center for Creative Woodworking (CCWW), which was renovated and renamed in Spring 2022.

This course is a prerequisite for all other PRC courses.

Instructor: Smith Cost: $147
Course Code Section Days Date Time Loc
PRC-7100-01 58958 W 09/04/24 – 11/01/24 5:45-9:15PM CCTW



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