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The purpose of the College and Career Readiness Department is to provide Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English as a Second Language to qualifying students and to lead them toward a high school credential and/or employment. The CCR Department is a feeder program to Rockingham Community College.

College and Career Readiness (CCR)

The College and Career Readiness (CCR) program at Rockingham Community College is designed to help you improve your basic reading, speaking, writing, math, decision making and critical thinking skills. Improving these skills will help you in daily activities at home, work, or in the community. It is also the first step towards a High School Equivalency Diploma (formerly known as GED®). For more information, call us at 336-342-4261, ext. 2146, or you can fill out the CCR Interest Form to have someone from our office contact you.

High School Equivalency Diploma (GED or HiSET)

Individuals interested in completing their high school education can do so by enrolling in the CCR free program and earn a High School Equivalency Diploma. Class offerings on the RCC campus are face-to-face, virtual, and online. Day and evening classes are also offered on the RCC campus. The two nationally recognized assessments used to obtain a state-issued High School Equivalency Diploma in North Carolina are GED® and HiSET®. The CCR classes are designed to prepare you to test for the state assessments. Students can sign up to take either the GED® or the HiSET® tests on the campus of RCC. 

New students must attend an orientation session before beginning High School Equivalency classes. To schedule your orientation session or for more information on the College and Career Readiness program, please call 336-342-4261, ext. 2146.

GED or HiSET – Orientation Schedule

To register please call 336-342-4261, Ext 2146.

If you are 16 or 17 years old you must complete the Minors Release paperwork prior to attending.

March 19, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
April 2, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
April 16, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
May 7, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
June 25, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
July 23, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
August 6, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
August 20, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
September 10, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
September 24, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
October 15, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
October 29, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
November 12, 2024Tuesday9:00am-1:00pmBLLC 101
GED/HISET Orientation Schedule
  • GED® tests are offered on computer in the Testing Center located in the Advanced Technologies Building, Room 106. Students can find more information on GED testing and schedule a GED test online.
  • HiSET® tests are offered on the computer. The computer based test can be taken in the Testing Center located in the Advanced Technologies Building, Room 106, also on the RCC Campus. Students can find more information and schedule HiSET® tests online.

North Carolina High School Equivalency graduates may request official copies of their transcripts through the website.

Current High School Equivalency and ESL students can access the online program assigned by their instructor at one of these links:

English Language Acquisition (English as a Second Language – ESL)

These free classes are designed for adults whose native language is not English. Students improve their English speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. Classes are offered throughout the year on campus at Rockingham Community College.  Distance learning programs are also available. New students must attend an orientation session.  For information about enrolling, call 336-342-4261, ext. 2146 or email

Estas clases gratuitas están diseñadas para adultos quienes idioma nativo no es inglés. Los estudiantes mejoran sus habilidades para hablar, leer, escuchar y escribir inglés. Las clases se ofrecen durante todo el año en el campus de Rockingham Community College. También ofrecemos la opción de estudiar a distancia. Los estudiantes nuevos deben asistir a una sesión de orientación. Para registrarse, llame al 336-342-4261, ext. 2146 o envíe un correo electrónico a

English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL) – Orientation Schedule

To register please call 336-342-4261, Ext 2146.

If you are 16 or 17 years old you must complete the Minors Release paperwork prior to attending.

March 19, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
April 16, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
May 7, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
June 25, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
July 23, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
August 20, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
September 24, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
October 29, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
November 12, 2024Tuesday5:30pm-8:30pmBLLC 206
ELA/ESL Orientation Schedule

Transition English and Math Classes (BSP 4002 and BSP 4003) 

These free classes allow students to complete pre-requisites that are sometimes needed to enter college-level English and math courses.  Classes are offered Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 12:00pm on campus.  After successfully completing at least Tier 1 in both Transition English (BSP 4002) and Transition Math (BSP 4003), students are eligible to enroll in college-level courses. Students working to complete their HSE Diploma may also be eligible to enroll in Transition classes while still working on earning their diploma   

BSP 4002 and BSP 4003 classes are equivalent to ENG 002 and MAT 003 but are offered for free in CCR.  Also, students are eligible to start throughout the semester in CCR’s Transition classes; this allows students to save time and money by beginning their college classes today!  What are you waiting for?  Call our office to learn more information: 336-342-4261 ext. 2146

Transition Math and English Orientation Schedule

Contact Katie Coleman to schedule an appointment.


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