Student Success Stories

Outstanding Student: LaShonda Kearney

LaShonda Kearney was named Rockingham Community College’s Outstanding Student of the Year, RCC’s highest honor.

Student Success: Colby Gunter

Colby Gunter has a small-town soul. After graduating from Rockingham Community College on May 9, he’s headed to UNC-Chapel Hill to study biology, then will apply to medical school. Gunter aims for a future in family medicine. “I enjoy the connection with the patients more than the technical stuff like surgery,” he said. “Private practice  Read More

From GED to 4.0 GPA college student

Cierra Marlowe didn’t have an easy time in high school, where teachers did not recognize her potential. “In class, the teacher would tell us to open our textbook and read from this page to this page, and that we’d have a quiz tomorrow,” she said. “They wouldn’t tell us what we needed to learn, so  Read More

Love of tech leads to RCC

WENTWORTH – While growing up, Karen Chacon always helped her parents with technology. “I was born into the boom you can say. It was the early 1990s when there were VCRs, search engines and DVDs,” she said. “I pretty much just started helping a lot of people. I used to build computers in high school,  Read More

Sophomore aims to teach history

Like many students at Rockingham Community College, William Armstrong is researching four-year universities where he can transfer when he earns his Associate in Arts degree in May 2024. He knows application deadlines are coming up swiftly, and he has narrowed it down to one of the state colleges in North Carolina – possibly UNC-Chapel Hill.  Read More

Pandemic pulls curtain on ballerina’s dream

The first 17 years of Kylee Rieger’s life were dedicated to dance. Then, the pandemic caused a shift in her future.

Grace Gross returns after 15 years

Grace Gross was a student at Rockingham Community College a decade and a half ago. Then life happened. “I thought I had to go to college; it was the societal next step. I had no plan, and then making money took precedence over college, to be honest,” said the Wentworth resident. Then life happened again.  Read More

Cameron Stewart finds way at RCC

Several years ago, Cameron Stewart looked at her older sister who went to college, and said, “That will never happen for me.” Cameron Stewart But with her mom’s encouragement, she changed her thinking, and not only plans to graduate in July 2023 with an Associate in Arts degree from Rockingham Community College, she is touring  Read More

Jasmine Johnson reinvents herself

Gerri Hunt/RCCJasmine Johnson took a leap of faith and enrolled at RCC, excelled, and graduated in December 2021. Jasmine Johnson wanted to see a change in her life. “I was a trying to figure out who I was and where I wanted to go. Certain people had said things to me such as you are  Read More

Blatchley named Outstanding Student

Dayahna Blatchley was named Outstanding Student of the Year for 2021-2022. During Rockingham Community College’s May graduation ceremony, Dayahna Blatchley received the 2021-2022 Outstanding Student Award – RCC’s highest recognition each year. Faculty nominates students for the award who have a grade point average of at least 3.25. The nominees are then interviewed by a faculty  Read More

Student Success: Skye Malasig

Skye Malasig makes volleyball history at RCC.

Student Success: Phillip Medeiros

Returning to college, he has found his niche – and it shows Phillip Medeiros has come a long way, in many aspects. Looking back, he described himself as “average and forgettable” at the small-town central New Jersey high school that churns out many Ivy Leaguers. He graduated with the Class of 2014. “I had a  Read More

Student Success: Julie Morton

With no formal education, she earned her HS Equivalency Diploma and is now enrolled in college Like many students in their first year of college, Julie Morton is trying to decide what program she wants to study. The Rockingham Community College freshman started out in Information Technology after speaking with her advisor, then changed to  Read More

Welding students earn certifications

RCC students who gained their Gas Metal Arc Welding certifications are, from left, Michael Walker, Harrison Hackley, Eric Craig, Logan Snead, Lucas Cain, Kolby Bullins, and Annie Tredway.Earning their Flux Core Arc Welding certifications are RCC students, from left, from left, Michael Walker, Harrison Hackley, Eric Craig, Logan Snead, Lucas Cain, Christian Hill, and Annie  Read More

11 HVAC students pass certification

Eleven HVAC students at Rockingham Community College passed the Universal level of the EPA Certification Exam on their first try – and now all have jobs. The newly certified students are Heath Carter, David Dickens, Robert Dove, William Farlow, Zackery Glaeser, Luke Hazelwood, Timothy Jacobs, Brison Knowles, Zachery Meade, Christian Meeks, and Lawrence Wray. Brison  Read More

Student Success: Angela Knight

Angela Knight spent years working in the printing industry, for Veneer Graphics in Eden. “But back around the time mills were closing, we closed too. At the time, I was a single mother and had to do something quick,” Knight said.  She landed in Nursing. “It was serendipitous. Sometimes you think it’s the end of  Read More

Athletes excel in classroom

Thirteen student-athletes at Rockingham Community College earned academic honors from Region 10 of the National Junior College Athletic Association. According to the Region 10 criteria, these students have either passed a minimum of 24 credit hours with a least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average for the 2020-21 academic year, or have graduated with a  Read More

RCC recognizes student achievements

Rockingham Community College recognizes the following students for their academic, service, and participation achievements during the 2020-21 academic year: Student Organization Award Emalee Dunn – Outstanding Leadership Award, Criminal Justice Club Institutional Awards and Recognitions for Academic Achievement Division of Arts and Sciences Jasmine Johnson – Excellence in Early Childhood Education AwardSomer Lillard – Outstanding  Read More

Student Success: Roberto Reyes

Asthma. It is no trip in the park to suffer from that condition, especially for a child. Growing up in Chicago and moving to Eden as soon as he hit his teen years, Roberto Reyes has always lived with it. But he never let it stop him. By the time he was out of high  Read More

Altamirano wins excellence award

‘The Great within the 58’ recognizes outstanding students at each of NC’s community colleges Karol Altamirano came to the United States from Mexico at the age of six. With hardly any English spoken in her home, she had to repeat kindergarten so she could learn the language better – and something clicked in just a  Read More

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